I have to admit, this social distancing, stay at home, wear a mask outside stuff has been tough. 

The hardest part is not being able to spend time with my besties. I miss hanging out.  I even miss going to school!  But I need to keep it all in perspective... (read more)

April 15, 2020 — Nicole Marie

You Don’t Need a Boyfriend

All over social media and at school people are telling us we need a man.  We are not complete if we don’t have a boyfriend.  We are somehow less of a woman than those who have a boyfriend. 

Girls, we don’t need a man to give us value... (read more)

January 11, 2020 — Nicole Marie

I Love The Fall Season


There’s just something I love about the fall.  Waking up to coolness instead of heat.  The changing colors of the leaves.  The chance for me and my friends to dress up like our alter egos and scare ourselves at the local haunted house.  Taking Instagram pictures at the pumpkin patch... (read more)

October 29, 2019 — Nicole Marie

When Your Best Friend Moves Away

You might have a lot of friends and people you know but there’s a whole new category of friend that you share your most important, lifelong memories with.  That is your best friend.

Well, my best friend recently moved to a whole new state!  I have been friends with her since 4th grade.  We spent weekends staying at each other’s houses.   We got into trouble together and had a lot of fun together... (read more)

September 28, 2019 — Nicole Marie

School Days

I have this one class called “Culinary.”  As the name implies, we are supposed to learn how to cook in this class.  It sounded easy and I thought I might need to know how to cook something more than toast or frozen dinners someday.  So I took the class... (read more)

September 07, 2019 — Nicole Marie

Friday Night Football

Like a lot of towns around the US, Friday night means High School Football this time of year.  So that’s where I was last Friday night.  I went to hang out with friends and to show support for our team.  Plus I promised some friends on our team I would be there... (read more)

September 02, 2019 — Nicole Marie

A Shop for Teens by a Teen

Let’s be honest, adults are not the “go-to” for clothing advice.  So why do adults run all the online clothing sites?  How can they know what we want?  Luckily we have my site.  I am a teenager and this is my site... (read more)

August 19, 2019 — Nicole Marie

Welcome to Nicole Marie Fashions!

I’ve started this blog so we can get to know each other better.  I'm also adding a bunch more clothes to my shop every day - but only the cutest items.  I don’t have thousands of items because I handpick each one.  Only the stuff I love and I know you’ll love too... (read more)
August 12, 2019 — Nicole Marie