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You Don’t Need a Boyfriend

All over social media and at school people are telling us we need a man.  We are not complete if we don’t have a boyfriend.  We are somehow less of a woman than those who have a boyfriend. 

Girls, we don’t need a man to give us value... (read more)

January 11, 2020 — Nicole Marie

I Love The Fall Season


There’s just something I love about the fall.  Waking up to coolness instead of heat.  The changing colors of the leaves.  The chance for me and my friends to dress up like our alter egos and scare ourselves at the local haunted house.  Taking Instagram pictures at the pumpkin patch... (read more)

October 29, 2019 — Nicole Marie

When Your Best Friend Moves Away

You might have a lot of friends and people you know but there’s a whole new category of friend that you share your most important, lifelong memories with.  That is your best friend.

Well, my best friend recently moved to a whole new state!  I have been friends with her since 4th grade.  We spent weekends staying at each other’s houses.   We got into trouble together and had a lot of fun together... (read more)

September 28, 2019 — Nicole Marie