You might have a lot of friends and people you know but there’s a whole new category of friend that you share your most important, lifelong memories with.  That is your best friend.

Well, my best friend recently moved to a whole new state!  I have been friends with her since 4th grade.  We spent weekends staying at each other’s houses.   We got into trouble together and had a lot of fun together.  We told everyone we are cousins, even though we look nothing alike.  If I was feeling sad, even in the middle of class, I would text her and she would leave her class and come running.  She would burst into my classroom and say, “I have to talk to Nicole, it’s an emergency.”  What could the teacher say?  I would do the same for her.  She was even one of my first customers at Nicole Marie Fashions (I gave her a big discount).

When I first heard she was moving, I couldn’t believe it.  When the day was finally here, I was full of sadness.  No one can even compare to the friendship we have.  We keep in touch through social media, facetime, and Snapchat but it’s not the same.  I do have friends where I live but not like her.  I really miss her.

Update:  I’m going to be visiting her soon.  I’m so, so excited!  I’ll definitely need to bring my fall collection from Nicole Marie Fashions when I go.

September 28, 2019 — Nicole Marie

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