All over social media and at school people are telling us we need a man.  We are not complete if we don’t have a boyfriend.  We are somehow less of a woman than those who have a boyfriend. 

Girls, we don’t need a man to give us value.  We have value as women, as people.  Gone are the days where our only goal in life is to get married and be supported by a man.  We can support ourselves.  We’re valuable and strong.  We are all beautiful.  What we need men to do is get out of our way.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a boyfriend.  That’s ok too.  My point is, we don’t *have to* have a boyfriend to be complete.  We can also have friends who are boys.  Some boys can’t understand this.  Yes, it is possible and happens all the time.  Just because we want to hang out with you doesn’t make you a boyfriend.  And just because we dress in super cute clothes from Nicole Marie Fashions, doesn’t mean we’re doing it for the boys.  Sometimes we’re just doing it for us.

What do all my friends out there think?  Let me know by leaving a comment.



January 11, 2020 — Nicole Marie

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