I have this one class called “Culinary.”  As the name implies, we are supposed to learn how to cook in this class.  It sounded easy and I thought I might need to know how to cook something more than toast or frozen dinners someday.  So I took the class.

There are about half girls and half boys in my class.  So it’s just my luck that I’m on a team with all boys but one – me!  And these guys know nothing about cooking.  I don’t either but that’s beside the point.  Our first hands-on assignment?  Mopping!  Don’t ask me what this has to do with cooking but it somehow does.  When it was our group’s turn to show our mopping skills, the boys in my group handed me the mop and said “you’re a girl, you must know how to mop.”  I thought I traveled back to the 50’s or something.  I promptly told them, “I’m not your mother or your maid and I do not know how to mop.”  Well, I sort of do but that’s beside the point.

That’s kind of how the class has gone so far.  When someone on the team needs to put something back on a high self, do one of the six-footers on my team do it?  No, they hand it to me and laugh while watching me reach to put the thing back.  I put on a show of embarrassment when in fact I sort of like being the only girl on the team.  Overall, they are nice guys.

Well, back to class.  Remind me sometime to tell you what they did with the eggs the last time the teacher made the mistake of giving us a dozen raw eggs.  Right now we’re on our third attempt at baking blueberry muffins and it doesn’t look good, so stay tuned…

Love, Nicole
September 07, 2019 — Nicole Marie

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