I am a teenager who likes clothes. Who doesn't? The problem is, it seems like adults run all the online clothing shops. How can they know what we like? So I decided to start my own online shop where I would hand pick the clothes. That's why I don't have thousands of clothes. I didn't just dump the entire stock of some giant clothing supplier. In my store, I've tried to assemble a collection of some of the cutest fashions around. Swimwear, tops, shorts, dresses - whatever you're looking for. I'm always adding more. 

I also wanted my store to be something more. I want to get to know you. So I started a blog. I know there aren't too many posts yet. It would help a lot if you would comment on my blog posts and tell me what you think. Hang around awhile to see what's next - you won't regret it.

Luv, Nicole