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Models seem to look so effortlessly beautiful in photographs seen on magazines and billboards, but modelling actually takes a lot of work. To look both stunning and carefree in photographs, models have to take note of so many things. While the photographer does some magic with the pictures, it is still your duty as a model to show the meaning of the picture through your poses.

Tip#1 - Be Aware With Your Poses

By sending a message through pictures, you have to be completely aware of what you are doing with your body. Good models could give a message without needing a caption and it rarely happens that advertisements show the message of the photograph through words. Though you, as a model, should be aware of what you are trying to imply through your body language. You must act naturally. A mirror should come in handy for this when you need to practice.

Tip#2 - Act Naturally

While posing, it is important to take note that, to be able to act natural but confident at the same time, you must maintain a gap between your body and your limbs. There are times that putting your limbs too close to your body will make you look awkward while posing. But the most important reason for doing this is to create an illusion that your body is slim. Flattening your limbs against your body will spread out the fat on your limbs, making you look fatter than you are.

Tip#3 - Consider Lighting

Another thing to think about when posing is lighting. Though you are in a studio and the photographer makes sure that the lighting is good in your area, your posing still affects the lighting of your body. Your understanding of lighting does not have to be as complex as how a photographer understands it. All you need to have is a basic knowledge of lighting - enough for you to know where to put your arms so as to avoid casting unwanted shadows on your body.

Tip#4 - Maintain Good Posture

The most basic tip that you should remember when posing is to keep a good posture, whatever your pose is. It is important to look confident when posing because that's how you should be perceived by people. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back so as to look taller and of course thinner. This depends on what kind of poses your photographer wants from you. But if you are asked to look natural, then try to look natural.

These tips may vary depending on what kind of poses you are asked to do since the theme of the photo shoot must also be taken into consideration, but in most cases these tips are the most basic ones, and ultimately the standard ones that you should consider when posing. These tips will help you look appealing and most importantly, confident in photographs.

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