Searching for cleaning out the closet advice? How do you know what items you need to clear out? Here are all the closet organization ideas you need to know.

Your closet needs to be clean and tidy so that you can find the items you want to wear easily, and so that your clothes stay neat and tidy. When do you know you need to organize your closet? When you see that the clothes are not in their usual place anymore, when you see that the shelves aren't as clean as must be, and of course when you see that the hangers are not enough anymore to hold all your clothes. You know then that you need to clear out some of the old pieces. So here are some of the latest fashion news and tips to be an effective closet organizer.

Out with the Old, In with the New

We know it is hard for you to lose clothes that once made your heart beat, yet you reach that point when you know you no longer need those items when they don't fit you anymore, or when you find that they are no longer trendy and moving side by side with fashion. There are a couple of tricks that you can apply so that you know for sure you need to get rid of some of your clothes.

- The ribbon trick: Place a ribbon on your closet rod, where all the clothes are hanging to the left side of the ribbon. The items you wear are then to be hanged to the right. You will know with time the items that you never wear, they were stuck to the left of the ribbon, and they were never moved to the right side of it. You can throw them away then with no regrets.

- The trash can method: Put some of the clothes you think you no longer need in a trash can that stays out of your sight. If you remember an item and you go for the trash can and pull it out to wear it, then it is an item that you still need to keep. The pieces that stay in the trash can are totally forgotten because that's where they belong. Throw them away after a couple of weeks.

Ready to Stay Items

There are certain items that need to be ready at all times in your closet. No matter the occasion, you find them there for you...

- Jeans

- Black tank

- Long sleeve white t-shirt

- Black turtleneck

- White button-down

- Cardigan

- Black pants

- Denim jacket

- Wool skirt

- Black suit

- Black dress

- Silk blouse

- Printed dress

- Fitted jacket

- Graphic Sweater

- Tweed pants

- Velvet jacket

- Sparkly top

- Party dress

Do you find it easy to throw away clothes? So follow these fashion tips to throw away unwanted clothes.

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