Like a lot of towns around the US, Friday night means High School Football this time of year.  So that’s where I was last Friday night.  I went to hang out with friends and to show support for our team.  Plus I promised some friends on our team I would be there.

Our school called for a “white out” (everyone wears white to show their support for the team) on this particular night.  It was a warm night, so we all wore white tank tops like the ones I sell on Nicole Marie Fashions.  It was a great time and our team demolished the other team (sorry other team).  My parents say times like that are going to be fond memories that I’ll carry with me always.

That's a picture of me wearing a white tank like the ones that helped win the game!  Just kidding, our guys did great and the fans really came out in support.  If you have similar experiences, let me know by commenting on this blog.

Until next time.

Luv, Nicole

September 02, 2019 — Nicole Marie

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