Hey! Thank you for coming back.  I hope you found something you’ll be sure to look great in.  That's a picture of me wearing "Women's Suspender Miniskirt" from my shop.  I added a picture of the item as it appears in my shop also.

Let’s be honest, adults are not the “go-to” for clothing advice.  So why do adults run all the online clothing sites?  How can they know what we want?  Luckily we have my site.  I am a teenager and this is my site.  I think I know what teenagers like.  You tell me what you think.

Someone once asked me what my favorite outfit is on my site.  I couldn’t answer because all of them are good quality, comfortable and stylish.  I picked them all out myself.  So plz hang out for a while and find some of the cutest clothes anywhere online.

Luv, Nicole

August 19, 2019 — Nicole Marie

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